22 agosto 2014

What about a world-ready website UI terminology?

Once I was asked, “Can you recommend a reliable source for website user interface (UI) terminology in different languages? I mean, how do you decide which one is better to use among "log in", "login" and "sign in"? And how can I find the equivalent terms in other languages?"
I suggested to just check the most popular websites such as Facebook (but very oftent they provide different terms). I suggested also Microsoft Language Portal (even if here the risk is to find Microsoft Corporate terminology) and also TAUS Data, where I personally found a lot of solutions.

I was therefore thinking, what about extracting the website user interface terminology from the huge TMs available online?  "Save, next, search, about us, contact us” and other frequent text strings, are on every website (and app).

Would it be useful and time-saving to just download the website UI terminology in the language we need? What about a multilingual UI termbase? Of course UI terminology needs to be standardised first...

28 August 2014 update: I just found out that Linguee is also very useful for checking UI Terminology.

...and of course My Memory by Translated, as suggested by Isabella Massardo on Google+

04 September 2014 update: Terminology Services just announced on Twitter that TaaS has been enriched with new links to external resources such as search engines, Wikipedia, and Linguee.