20 maggio 2013

Microsoft Language Portal

Microsoft Language Portal: a bi-lingual search portal for finding translations of key Microsoft terms and general IT terminology. It is aimed at international users and partners that need to know our terminology for globalization, localization, authoring and general discovery. 

It contains approx. 25,000 defined terms, including English definitions, translated in up to 100 languages as well as the software translations for products like Windows, Office, SQL Server and many more.

2 commenti:

  1. The Terminotix Toolbar allows you to launch queries to your favorite online resources directly from MS Word, including the Microsoft Language Portal. See http://www.terminotix.com/index.asp?content=brand&brand=13&lang=en for more info.
    Jean-Francois, Terminotix

  2. Thank you Jean-Francois! Indeed I know it and I already use it :)
    Terminotix is also listed in this page of the blog: http://recremisi.blogspot.com/p/online-terminology-tools.html