5 giugno 2014

WordLo at LocWorld: the day after..

..and now here I am..back to Luxembourg while my mind is still there in Dublin. I’m just passively joining the conference by reading the Twitter stream #Locworld and thinking: “Oh, now I would have gone to this workshop or at this presentation….”.

I enjoyed so much the TAUS-TaaS Workshop: the presentations were so interesting as well as the debate animated by the brilliant questions by Tex Texin. I met the Tilde team: Indra Samite and Andrejs Vasiļjevs, Uwe Muegge, Luigi Muzii, Jaap Van Der Meer and the lovely Anne-Maj.

I'm just grieving over one thing: I didn’t meet Catherine Christaki! We were both there and we both didn’t know! Arrrgh! :)

Here a Storify of the TAUS-TaaS Workshop (Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to display the full stream):