2 giugno 2014

WordLo at LocWorld: Among Terminology VIPs

I’m so thrilled I will be speaking at TAUS-TaaS Workshop at Localization World on the 4th of Jun in Dublin! I will be among the VIPs of terminology, all those I follow on social media and reading every single post end essay they write!

Well, what will I talk about? Simply about terminology from my point of view: as a blogger, as a passionate, as someone who simply enjoys this subject. 
“Calling it a hobby isn’t sufficient, but calling it professional makes it seem like it is work”.
I will show the terminology trends and share some examples from my experience as a blogger:
  1. Communicating about terminology by using social networks;
  2. Social networks as available data for carrying out terminology research, in particular for monitoring language changes such as neologisms;
  3. Websites are made of content and terminology is the critical part of the user experience ( I already wrote about this topic here);
  4. Managing and sharing terminological data: cloud based, collaborative and social platforms;
  5. The subject field of terminology is overwhelming, so some websites provide terminological resources in few clicks.

I will (try) to keep you updated from Dublin on Twitter: @WordLo