10 giugno 2014

6 funny things I learnt at the TAUS-TaaS workshop at Localization World 2014

Tweets and cherries from the TAUS-TaaS workshop at Localization World 2014.

I promise I will stop speaking about this amazing conference saying how much happy I was for having been invited as a speaker etc etc. But.. before doing that I just want to share with you what I learnt from the TAUS-TaaS Workshop at Localization World Dublin:

1. If you try to search on Google “What does a terminologist do”, THIS is what you get:

2. This is the modern translator:
3. Terminology can be yummy:
4. That a single terminology entry costs 150 $!!
5. …and guessing what is the value of IATE
6. That inconsistent terminology can provoke disasters: