12 giugno 2014

Blushing at the amazing result!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in @babla 's Top 25 Language Twitterers competition.

Top 25 Language Twitterers 2014

It is so exciting to be in this list with such great colleagues!

It is actually on Twitter that I am more active. I use this blog as a secondary platform to store content and ideas. Twitter actually takes less time, just a sentence or a retweet and it is done. And what I like the most it’s that it enables more engagement with other Tweeps. The blog is my online home but I’m always serendipitously wandering around on Twitter finding yummy terminology cherries.

What this competition reveals, at last from my point of view, is that actually terminology is becoming more and more popular. Look at the results: @TermCoord no.4 and @Terminologia n.6 in blog section and @WordLo in top 25 Twitterers!

Once known as a boring subject confined by the walls of academia, terminology is now starting to be considered more interesting and sometimes even funny.

Three years ago Termcoord found out that a great amount of people would have appreciated to have a contact with the EU institution and in that moment Termcoord went social and started sharing its resources online. The love that the online community has for Termcoord today is clearly visible from Termcoord being 4th on the list! The online community likes the great work made by the permanent staff and the trainees of the Terminology Coordination Unit and the never-ending enthusiasms for terminology that the blog shows.

Terminologia etc. is my source of inspiration; it was actually by being a fervid reader of Licia's blog that I decided in 2010 to create mine (with funny results at the beginning because I was basically stealing her content, see this post on scraped content). Since then, I never skipped reading any of her posts. The blog is a must-have resource for terminologists and translators but also an interesting reading for common people that can realise that terminology can be spotted in everyday life.

While I’m writing this post, I’m distracted (what a pleasure), by Tweeps tweeting congratulations and nice words to each other for the good result. This makes me think about this quote which expresses what makes this Community of Language Lovers so lively and joyful:

Patricia Brenes just published a post mentioning me, Termcoord and Terminologia etc.: What a great week for terminology! 

26/06/2014 - LexioPhiles just mentioned this post on: TOP 100 LANGUAGE LOVERS COMPETITION 2014 – THE FINAL BRIEF. Thank you guys! This competition really pleases a Word Lover's heart!