31 marzo 2014

Word For That: the tip-of-the-tongue-eliminator

Words For That is a versatile site mirroring the versatile nature of language. It can be used in a number of different ways: A tip-of-the-tongue-eliminator, an informal reverse-dictionary, laugh at funny definitions or "scenarios".

Words For That was created as platform for pointing out and having fun with well-known situations which have never earned a name of their own. These "scenarios" can be anything - a feeling, a circumstance, a type of person, a coincidence. Anything where you've thought, "there should be a word for that!" Visitors can vote on each Scenario based on how well it rings a bell, or makes them laugh, or whatever. The best Scenarios are those where everyone can say "I know exactly what you mean!"

Scenarios are submitted and voted on by the site visitors. For each of these Scenarios, "words" can be submitted. These Words can be anything as well - a single word, a phrase, a clever pun, or an etymological masterpiece. Whatever's submitted, however, is also up to the mercy of the voting masses. Only the best Words have a chance at being the new coined term!

Source: Word For That