5 aprile 2011

Terminology in legislative procedures

On 28th March, 2011, the seminar 'Terminology in legislative procedures' has been held.

In the hemicycle named after Robert Schuman, one of the founding fathers of the EU, before an audience of translators and EU officials as well as professors and students from some of the leading universities in the EU, different approaches to managing legal terminology have been presented. In the morning session, Isolde Burr of the University of Cologne (Germany) focused on legal terminology and multilingualism from an academic point of view. Antonella Distante – a professor at La Sapienza University of Rome – then mounted the challenge of a possibility of reconciling global and local trends in terminology research. "It's also important" - said Mrs. Distante - "to promote interaction between academic research and the EU institutions". At the same venue Caroline Reichling, head of terminology projects at the European Court of Justice, informed the audience about the progress of her project focusing on a common database of legal terms, regardless of the differences among the legal systems of the EU Member States.

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