6 dicembre 2010

Word of the year, auf deutsch!

This week a jury of journalists and young people organised by the Langenscheidt publishing house chose Germany's Youth Word of the Year:

NIVEAULIMBO: This is a newish slang term, roughly meaning "limbo level", for the ever-decreasing quality of TV programs or the decline in the value ofconversation at parties.

ARSCHFAX: for avisible label on underwear.

SPECKBARBIE: a deeply pejorative term that may be translated as "bacon Barbie", a young woman dressed to the nines in clothing that's much tootight. The young people on the jury got it down to fourth placebecause they thought it was too rude.

In Switzerland this week, a six-member jury made up of media andentertainment personalities selected:

AUSSCHAFFUNG: (expulsion) asits word of the year, a few days after the Swiss voted to expelforeigners who had committed crimes in the country. The unword oft he year is FIFA-ETHIKKOMMISSION: the ethics commission of FIFA,the world governing body of football, a choice that will resonatewith British soccer fans still saddened by the England's failurethis week to be selected to host the 2018 World Cup, amid chargesof corruption among members of FIFA's governing body.

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