About me

Curious, optimistic, with a taste for creative and effective multilingual communication.
I succeed in making conscientiousness, client satisfaction and being well-organised second nature.
I like to inform, demonstrate and explain, and enjoy encouraging interaction.
With years of experience in national and European Institutions and private companies, I developed a
deep knowledge of content and data management, a habit of working with innovative technology.
I can successfully complete complex projects featuring multiple technologies, languages, teams and
I provide my attention, dedication and commitment to building long-lasting relationships with colleagues and clients.
My thirteen years of experience revolve around the following fields of expertise:

  • Publishing and media monitoring.
  • Collecting, processing, enriching and presenting content from multiple sources of information.
  • Terminology Management.

About Terminology Management, what do I do?
  • Termbases, Style Guides
    • I classify, organise and manage multilingual corpora and assets for terminology purposes.
    • I conduct research as appropriate to identify new terms and define them where / when necessary.
    • I build termbases by extracting source terminology and checking collected target terms.
    • I create style guides that reflect the client’s preferences and appropriate stylistic features to ensure that all deliverables are accurate and consistent.
    • I maintain and review existing termbases and style guides by implementing feedback and assessing new reference material.
    • I ensure that available CAT tools are fully set for terminology management purposes.

  • General terminology support
    • I address any terminology issues quickly and efficiently.
    • I promote the importance of terminology management.
    • I proactively identify opportunities to offer terminology services.
    • I facilitate access and use of terminology resources.
    • I facilitate standardisation of terminology in collaboration with subject matter experts , and promote the use of validated terms.
Project management
  • I manage terminology projects following the approved workflows, taking into account time, cost and quality.
  • I ensure all the stakeholders of a terminology project are briefed thoroughly and receive the appropriate instructions and support, making sure they adhere to the established terminology processes.
  • I manage all stakeholders throughout the project to ensure they are delivering on time and to the highest level of quality.
  • I provide constructive feedback to relevant stakeholders at the end of each task.
Quality control
  • I manage the quality control of each terminology project.
  • I ensure that the terminology is correct and accurate by using relevant expert resources.
  • I check terms in order to establish their linguistic and technical accuracy.
  • I ensure that procedures and instructions are documented.


  • I have several years of experience with terminology management and quality management.
  • I know the principles and methods of terminology management.
  • I know terminology data exchange formats and standards.
  • I know existing standards in the field of terminology (ISO TC 37, ISO 704, ISO 12620 etc.).
  • I'm an ECQA certified terminologist.
  • I'm passionate about terminology and receptive to innovation: up-to-date with new technologies in the linguistic field.