8 maggio 2011

Online term extractors: TerMine

Particularly suitable for bio medical-area.

Technical terms are important for knowledge mining, especially in the bio-medical area where vast amount of documents are available. The amount of terms (e.g., names of genes, proteins, chemical compounds, drugs, organisms, etc) is increasing at an astounding rate in the bio-medical literature. Existing terminological resources and scientific databases cannot keep up-to-date with the growth of neologisms. A domain independent method for term recognition is very useful to automatically

Texts may be submitted for analysis through any of the following ways:
  • entering the text you would like to analyze in to the topmost text window;

  • specifying a text file (*.txt or *.pdf) from your computer's hard drive;

  • entering a URL of the Web resource (*.html or *.pdf.
Languages supported: all Unicode-compliant languages.

Website: TerMine