23 gennaio 2011

Skypeochondria, Fidgetal, Powerpointless

Fidgetal - blend of finger and digital. Referred to the use of the fingers to provide input above a mobile device.

MisApp - something going terribly wrong due to over reliance on latest Phone gizmo

Wikisqueak - sound emitted by diplomat who realises she's sent confidential telegram without proper encryption

Dreadsheet - spreadsheet containing very bad financial news

Disgracebook - social networking site advertising user's embarrassing past

Mobile drone - lover of interminable tedious and public phone conversations

Sin card - alternative device to fit in mobile for immoral communication

Powerpointless - universal feeling in room at end of hi-tech executive presentation of negligible value

Skypeochondria - queasy feeling brought on by obsessive fear of being offline

Scroogele - search engine for people trying to find cheapest online gifts

Source: BBC, "The future is fidgetal"