1 dicembre 2010


Term used to describe the media frenzy that followed Pope Benedict XVI’s recent comments on condom use.

Commenting in The National Post on Pope Benedict XVI’s much-discussed remarks on condom use, Charles Lewis wrote:

Author and scholar George Weigel, who coined the term “condomania,” did what many other Catholic intellectuals did this past week: helped to try to clarify what the Pope “really” meant. Mr. Weigel, one of the great Catholic writers, made three main points: the teachings on sexual morality “has not changed and it will not change because it cannot be changed,” not all papal statements carry the same weight, and “no pope with his wits about him would use the vehicle of an interview with a journalist to discuss a new initiative, lay out a pastoral program, or explicate a development of doctrine.”

published on: Schott's Vocab

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