22 settembre 2010


Family vacations made possible by the participation of grandparents.

published on: Schott's Vocab

Noting that many Brits have chosen to forgo foreign holidays this year in favor of “staycations,” The Daily Mail’s Arthur Martin wrote:
However, as families continue to find money short in the fallout from the recession, millions more are rediscovering the “greycation” to ensure they get a break.
The term is used to describe a vacation where three generations of a family stay together.
An estimated 2.7 million families are planning to holiday in the UK this year with children, parents and grandparents all in the same resort, according to a survey.
Researchers say that total has soared this year thanks to the rising price of foreign holidays and the opportunities for sharing costs on a greycation. Nineteen per cent of those questioned said they will take a trip to a British destination with all the family to save money.
In addition to the economic benefits of multi-generational vacationing, many of those surveyed said greycations were appealing because they allowed grandparents and grandchildren to spend more time together.

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