24 aprile 2010

Tech Words

Dwelling: Dwelling is what happens when you move your mouse or touch on a portion of a screen, hold for a while, and a pop-up appears. For example, on Netflix.com, when you dwell your mouse over a thumbnail of a movie, a pop-up shows you the movie’s description.”

Ideation: “An ideation is an idea that germinates over time, like a new business start-up idea or some concept that a group discusses in a meeting and creates together.”

Mi-Fi “A new version of ‘Wi-Fi’ (or a wireless network), Mi-Fi is a variation that means ‘my wireless’ and is a small credit-card shaped device that connects to a cell phone network. Multiple people can use that same device to connect to the Internet over the cell phone signal. Both Verizon and Sprint offer the products. The big advantage: one person can sign up for data service, but several can use it.”

Bokode “A bokode, originally developed at MIT, is a new type of barcode that contains more detailed information. Based on the Japanese term bokeh, which is a blurred effect, a bokode is about the size of a pinhead but still contains the same barcode info. Yet the right scanner can read the barcode even from a few feet away.”

Qubit “Not to be confused with the classic arcade game Qbert, a qubit is a unit of measure that can be a zero, a one, or both a zero and one at the same time. The concept comes from quantum mechanics. From this field of study, we know that an electron circling the nucleus of an atom can be in multiple positions at once, but only locks into one spot when we observe it. It also explains why Lindsay Lohan seems to be in multiple places at once – if you go by the tabloids.”

Dittoism “According to Doubletongued, a dittoism is defined as a penchant for Internet users to agree on the same topic only because that’s the established norm. For example, when most reviewers ranked the new Apple iPad as revolutionary, a dittoism is that everyone agrees, even without trying one.”

Source : Schott's Vocab