Terminology Management Systems

Terminology Management Systems

A Terminology management system (TMS) is a software tool specifically designed to collect, maintain, and access terminological data. It is used by translators, terminologists, technical writers, and various other users.

Acrolinx: Content optimization platform that integrates with writing tools, points out language problems, and gives suggestions for improvement.

Anylexic: is a new generation of the terminology management programs, and is not tied to any particular terminology. It can help you at each stage of translation terminology management process: creation, editing, search, and exchange.

ApSIC Xbench: provides simple and powerful Quality Assurance and Terminology Management in a single package. Just load files in any of the dozens of CAT formats supported and get your translation quality to the next level.

evoTerm: Centrally-stored terminology, terminology available via the Internet. Demo available to test the platform.

flashterm - terminology management and knowledge management.

InterpretBank: terminology management tool specifically designed for interpreters. It helps to create, learn and look up glossaries, even in the booth.

Intragloss Home: Intragloss is a professional glossary-maker that gives you everything you need to prepare for assignments.

i-Term: state-of-the-art terminology and knowledge management tool which allows you to store, structure and search for knowledge about concepts, online.

LogiTerm Web: LogiTerm Web features a user-friendly Web interface that provides access to four databases: Terminology, Bitexts, Full Text and Reference. Terminology records for the Terminology database can be created, modified and viewed in the Web interface or Microsoft Word.

qTerm: web-based terminology management software. It identifies, defines, and translates critical terminology. It provides also a detailed explanation of each term’s use, including the context, language, and history of use.

QuickTerm by Kaleidoscope: quickTerm is a lifecycle management system for terminology based on the SDL MultiTerm or Acrolinx database. It extends the reach of a termbase to many different users by making it more accessible and “non-terminological”. In addition, quickTerm enables the terminology team to develop complex, company-wide terminology workflows based on SDL MultiTerm data and to efficiently manage the terminology life cycle.

SDL Multiterm: SDL MultiTerm Desktop is the desktop terminology management tool from SDL. It can be used out-of-the-box as a standalone desktop tool to manage all corporate terminology, or its power can be enhanced in the translation environment through integration with SDL Trados Studio.

Termbases: Powerful web-based software for creating and managing multilingual terminology resources.

TermWeb: TermWeb, enables consistency of language translation and brand equity across all touchpoints—from country to country and around the world.

TermWikiPro: A secure, cloud-based terminology management system designed to help global enterprises accelerate business, TermWiki Pro delivers full turnkey solutions for improved content quality while reducing authoring and translations costs.

Taas - Cloud Services for Terminology Workprovides multilingual and collaborative terminology services.

Tippy Term: TippyTerm, made for all MS Windows systems and provides consistent use of terminology, easy availability, easy handling, easy maintenance.

Glossary Management Systems similar to Excel

  • Interplex: Glossary Software for Interpreters and Translators. Also for iPad and iPhone.

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