Terminology Management Systems

Terminology Management Systems

A Terminology management system (TMS) is a software tool specifically designed to collect, maintain, and access terminological data. It is used by translators, terminologists, technical writers, and various other users.

Acrolinx: Content optimization platform that integrates with writing tools, points out language problems, and gives suggestions for improvement.

AcrossTerm (Web): Across Language Server serves as a central pool for the entire company terminology, including the translations of the terms.

Anylexic: is a new generation of the terminology management programs, and is not tied to any particular terminology. It can help you at each stage of translation terminology management process: creation, editing, search, and exchange.

ApSIC Xbench: provides simple and powerful Quality Assurance and Terminology Management in a single package. Just load files in any of the dozens of CAT formats supported and get your translation quality to the next level.

evoTerm: Centrally-stored terminology, terminology available via the Internet. Demo available to test the platform.

flashterm - terminology management and knowledge management.

InterpretBank: terminology management tool specifically designed for interpreters. It helps to create, learn and look up glossaries, even in the booth. New version 5.63 available!

Intragloss Home: Intragloss is a professional glossary-maker that gives you everything you need to prepare for assignments.

 i-Term: state-of-the-art terminology and knowledge management tool which allows you to store, structure and search for knowledge about concepts, online.

LogiTerm Web: LogiTerm Web features a user-friendly Web interface that provides access to four databases: Terminology, Bitexts, Full Text and Reference. Terminology records for the Terminology database can be created, modified and viewed in the Web interface or Microsoft Word.

MultiTrans Prism Terminology Management System: The is easy to use, fully TBX (industry standard format for terminology data exchange) compliant, and has many automated features that save you time and money. When integrated with MultiTrans Prism‘ suite of tools, it can ensure terminology consistency at the start of a translation project and check completed translations for fidelity to approved vocabulary. This eliminates the factor of human error in maintaining terminology consistency.

qTerm: web-based terminology management software. It identifies, defines, and translates critical terminology. It provides also a detailed explanation of each term’s use, including the context, language, and history of use.

QuickTerm by Kaleidoscope: quickTerm is a lifecycle management system for terminology based on the SDL MultiTerm or Acrolinx database. It extends the reach of a termbase to many different users by making it more accessible and “non-terminological”. In addition, quickTerm enables the terminology team to develop complex, company-wide terminology workflows based on SDL MultiTerm data and to efficiently manage the terminology life cycle.

SDL Multiterm: SDL MultiTerm Desktop is the desktop terminology management tool from SDL. It can be used out-of-the-box as a standalone desktop tool to manage all corporate terminology, or its power can be enhanced in the translation environment through integration with SDL Trados Studio.

Tap FormsOrganizera customizable database application that's designed to meet your unique needs at work, home or on the go. Easy-to-use and completely customizable, it can be used for glossary management.

TermStar: TermStar is the optimal solution for creating, managing and displaying electronic dictionaries using centralized, single-source data storage. Open system architecture, ease of use, flexible but structured data storage and ease of integration.

Termbases: Powerful web-based software for creating and managing multilingual terminology resources.

TermWeb: TermWeb, enables consistency of language translation and brand equity across all touchpoints—from country to country and around the world.

TermWikiPro: A secure, cloud-based terminology management system designed to help global enterprises accelerate business, TermWiki Pro delivers full turnkey solutions for improved content quality while reducing authoring and translations costs.

Taas - Cloud Services for Terminology Workprovides multilingual and collaborative terminology services.

Tippy Term: TippyTerm, made for all MS Windows systems and provides consistent use of terminology, easy availability, easy handling, easy maintenance.

TManager: T-Manager is a Microsoft Excel-based terminology tool, designed in Visual Basic, to automatically analyse, customise and manage terminology on the fly. T-Manager can also be used with terminology exported from third-party tools such as WorldServer GMS and Systran's Machine Translation (MT) dictionaries.

Tshwaneterm: tlTerm (aka TshwaneTerm) is a fully internationalized, off-the-shelf software application for compiling terminology lists (termbase editor). tlTerm brings the power of the widely recognized TLex dictionary compilation software to terminology. Try it now to see how it can save your organization time and money.

UniTerm Terminology Management System: System designed to create, edit and manage professionally corporate terminologies and special language dictionaries. Developed on the requirements of today´s terminology management systems, UniTerm offers a unique set of functionalities.

Glossary Management Systems similar to Excel

  • Interplex: Glossary Software for Interpreters and Translators. Also for iPad and iPhone.
  • Airtable: part spreadsheet, part database, and entirely flexible, teams use Airtable to organize their work, their way.
  • Memento Database: Flexible and easy to use database manager for Android & Desktop.

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