9 febbraio 2016

Terminology: everywhere to be found, nowhere to be seen

Next Friday, on the 12th of February, I will be at the University of Verona for the workshop: ‘Il kit del traduttore, dalla teoria alla pratica’. The workshop is a free event providing translators with insights about the new frontiers of translation and how to improve branding and online visibility. The aim of the workshop is also to show translators how to leverage the combined power of machine translation and post-editing and to be aware of the importance of a good strategy in terminology management.
The speakers will be Valeria Aliperta on personal branding, Marcello Federico on machine translation and post-editing, Licia Corbolante and me on terminology. I will talk precisely about terminology as not being anymore a mere instrument in support of translation, but as being crucial to other sectors as it is significantly evolving.
Check my post on TermCoord for more detailed info: Il kit del traduttore’, a workshop inVerona also on terminology"
Follow the event on Twitter: #KitTrad

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