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BabelNet: a Wide-Coverage Multilingual Dictionary

BabelNet is the dictionary of the future , it provides the meanings of words  with illustrations - and will soon come with videos and animation. It includes entities as well as words, so a search for apple produces results that contain a picture of fruit as well as the famous corporate logo.  His creator, RobertoNavigli , a computer scientist and associate professor at Sapienza University in Rome, calls it BabelNet after the biblical tower and the technology he believes can bridge the world’s languages.  “ The idea is to put a lot of resources together, all the resources that people usually access separately ,” he says in an interview published on Times .  BabelNet, with 14 million entries and information in 271 languages, is the largest multilingual encyclopedic dictionary and semantic network created by means of the integration of the largest multilingual Web encyclopedia - i.e., Wikipedia - with the most popular computational lexicon of English - i.e., WordNet, and other l