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 Arranging a rough time or place to meet, then sorting out details on the fly via mobile phone. Source:  Viewpoint: Why do tech neologisms make people angry ?

The Cupertino Effect

What happens when a computer automatically "corrects" your spelling into something wrong or incomprehensible . It's a sort of older cousin of the " Damn You, Autocorrect " error that infects even professionally edited text.  Everybody experiences that stomach-dropping moment when you realise what you sent wasn’t what you intended to send, and there are no takebacks. It was named by workers for the European Union who noticed that the word "cooperation" often showed up in finished documents as "Cupertino," the name of the California city in which Apple has its headquarters.  Sources: Viewpoint: Why do tech neologisms make people angry? The Cupertino Effect: 11 Spell Check Errors that Made it to Press

Microsoft Language Portal

Microsoft Language Portal:  a bi-lingual search portal for finding translations of key Microsoft terms and general IT terminology. It is aimed at international users and partners that need to know our terminology for globalization, localization, authoring and general discovery.  It contains approx. 25,000 defined terms, including English definitions, translated in up to 100 languages as well as the software translations for products like Windows, Office, SQL Server and many more.

Terminology Forum

Terminology Forum  is a global non-profit information forum for freely available terminological information online.  The Forum was established in 1994 and is maintained by Anita Nuopponen with the help of her students at the  Dept. of Communication Studies , University of Vaasa, Finland. You will find here information on terminological activities including terminology work, research  and  education , on  online glossaries and termbanks  from different fields as well as general language dictionaries  in various languages.

Dante: Database of Analysed Texts of English

Dante is a lexical database which describes the core vocabulary of English.  It was created for lexicographers and computational linguists who are developing dictionaries and computer lexicons, either manually, with computer assistance, or automatically. The database medium is British English, but the corpus is not, and particular attention has been paid to ensuring equal coverage of American English orthography and usage. DANTE is not a dictionary. It is much more than this.  Dante: Database of Analysed Texts of English

TermCoord Glossary Links: FAB tool for translators

Listed among the FAB Four tools for translators by @Jeromobot in the Tool Box Newsletter  (March 24 25, 2013 - Edition 220), Glossary Links  has been warmly welcomed by the community of translators. Glossary Links  contains 1400 different glossaries with a category, language, and keyword search (the keyword search looks only for words in the title of the glossary). Glossary Links,  provided by @Temcoord ,  is available under the section Terminology Toolbox . Category Any category Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Reg. Devel. Arts, Culture Consumer Protection, Food Safety Economy, Finance, Monetary and Budg. Affairs Education, Training Employment, Social Affairs Energy Environment EU terminology Foreign Affairs, Politics, Development Glossary collections, Termbanks Health, Medicine Human Rights, Justice, Equality Industry IT, Communication, Media, Advertising Legal Affairs, Insurance Linguistics, Translation Other Religion Resea

Corpus of Web-Based Global English

The Corpus of Global Web-Based English (GloWbE) is composed of 1.9 billion words from 1.8 million web pages in 20 different English-speaking countries. The corpus was created by Mark Davies of Brigham Young University, and it was released in April 2013. GloWbE (pronounced like "globe") is related to other large corpora that we have created, including the 450 million word Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) and the 400 million word Corpus of Historical American English (COHA). Together, these three corpora allow researchers to examine variation in English -- by dialect, genre, and over time -- in ways that are not possible with any other large corpora of English. Read more Corpus of Web-Based Global English : 'via Blog this' Example of usage: “Our Land – phraseology used by violent jihadists” a corpus linguistic approach.


TERMDAT is an extensive multilingual specialist dictionary, providing a versatile aid for communication, text composition and translation.  The database is also a means for recording and making available Swiss legal and administrative terminology along with other terminology from the public sector. Terms are available in Switzerland’s four national languages – German, French, Italian and Romansh – and in English. Source: TERMDAT 'via Blog this'

ECHA-term: Multilingual Chemical Terminology

ECHA-term is a multilingual chemical terminology database providing the main chemicals terms in 22 EU languages, including pictograms, hazard and precautionary statements. ECHA-term has been developed by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA) and the Translation Centre for the Bodies of the EU (CdT)  (and Intrasoft, my company) . The European Chemical Agency launched a terminology project in 2009 to improve the quality of the translations of its documents and to provide companies with a multilingual terminology tool to facilitate communication in the supply chain. Go to:  ECHA-term