27 agosto 2011

The unrivalled guide for word lovers

The Chambers Dictionary is the dictionary of choice for word lovers!

Whether you're an avid wordgamer or just enjoy revelling in the quirks and curiosities of the English language, The Chambers Dictionary is your ultimate companion. The Chambers Dictionary delves deep into all the glories of the English language, covering weird and wonderful words like spoffish, jobernowl, mullligrubs and humdudgeon, all the while ensuring it covers the latest developments in English.

The 12th edition of the Chambers Dictionary, offers also a compendium of insults – never has cursing been so creative!

Candle-waster: Someone who studies late.

Chawbacon: A country person.

Desk-jockey: A clerical worker.

Face-ache: An ugly or disagreeable person.

Hen-hussy: A man who meddles with women's affairs.

Humgruffin: A terrible person.

Ink-jerker: A professional author or journalist.

Propeller-head: An obsessively studious or technologically minded person.

Quidnunc: An inquisitive, gossiping person.

Rantipole: A wild, reckless person.

Slip-string: A rogue.

Two-pot screamer: A person who gets drunk on a comparatively small amount of alcohol (Australian).


The Chambers Dictionary


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It's a newish term for the default state of the world's population, those  whose sense of gender identity matches their sex at birth.

It was created to avoid the clunky "non-transgendered" and the pejorative "normal". "Cis-" is from Latin "cis", on this side of something, as opposed to "trans-", on the opposite side, which is from Latin "trans", across..

Source: Worldwidewords

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