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Hacking your translations with glossaries

A glossary helps you to make sure that each time a defined term appears in your translation project, it is used consistently and correctly. You have to spend time to save time. Our whole career as modern-day translators spins around technological devices, and time is always short. Learning how to set up our CAT tools and every other translation software known to man, takes a lot of time. Glossary editing, for example, is one of those time-consuming activities that we have to carry out in order to provide a good quality translation. It’s boring, but it proves to be an investment for later on because a glossary is THE reference for consistent terminology. It requires a glossary to make sure that every translator uses the same term for the same concept overall the translation project and uses approved standardised terms for each target language.       Four reasons you should use a glossary: 1. Keep translations consistent.   2. Ensure that your brand is prote