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Visualizzazione dei post da giugno, 2012

TermWiki Glossary Widget

I wanted to upload a glossary on my blog and I was looking for a nice way to create an appealing, social, and re-usable glossary on my website. . Couldn't find anything so fancy! Glossaries on websites are usually in the form of simple text. The only thing a user can do is just reading them, which is ok but, I wanted more!  I thus asked the TermWiki   team   if there was any solution to create a glossary and embed it on my website or blog. They replied that there wasn't any so far but that they were curious to know more what I exactly wanted. So I sent them my idea with a couple of layouts and they told me that they were willing to develop it! So this my dream glossary: a Glossary Widget where, apart from checking terms and definitions, I can also share my terms on social networks and gather comments and feedback ( on their platform !) More in details, TermWiki Widget : allows websites to easily embed subject-specific terminology content