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How a terminologist can make your website great again

Hi WordLovers and happy New Year ! It is never too late to wish you all the fun you can and a wonderful 2017 ahead! I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holidays as much as I did and that you are finally back to work full of enthusiasm and positive energy. An article that I recently wrote as guest blogger was published during Christmas holidays by SDL Translation Zone and I know you enjoyed it since it gained such a massive amount of likes! So thank you soo much for making my post great! If you didn’t read it yet, the article is still available online:  4 ways a translator can make your website awesome If you are too lazy, you can read the summary below. Terminology and UI Translating the User Interface (UI) of a website would appear to be an easy task. If you compare it to a normal translation project, you would think one only has to deal with a small bunch of words. This is where you would be mistaken – translating website UI is far more complex than it seem