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Visualizzazione dei post da ottobre, 2014

Designed to make translators smile

If you are a professional translator sick of your TM program rebooting again and ended up thinking that a CAT tool is only a piece of string used to play with your feline, well, get rid of it and smile: you can finally enjoy translating!  Translators are being held back by lack of innovation, forced to pay big bucks for a CAT tool license that are hard to use, slow, plenty of advanced functions and sometimes unable do the simple stuff. Jost Zetzsche, in one of his conferences , said that the language industry is stuck at 15 year ago. Progress stopped when big providers started focusing more on selling their products than listening to the real needs of translators. Translators need more than a CAT tool, they need a real mate, and   this new CAT tool,  MateCat ,  works for us - not against us. I tested it and it is really easy to use: It is web based : available anytime and anywhere, I didn't need to setup any servers or to install any software. Easy