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Language jobs: the website linguistic tester

Linguistic testing is a language quality assurance (QA) step. This language-specific testing must occur before the final website is released preventing thus to costly remediate to undetected errors. Linguistic Testing To verify translations throughout the website - front-end and back-end - and resolve linguistic issues which can occur during the localization process; Compare the translated files in each target language to the original source language; Verify that translations are consistent with the glossary and the style guide; Check that translations appear in the appropriate context; Verify that all pages are free of missing translations; Check content for typographical and grammatical errors; Ensure that each page is displayed in the correct language; Proofreading; Detection of duplication;  Problems raised by out-of-context translation process;  Typos;  Terminology inconsistencies;  Grammar errors;  Chunks of untranslated text.  Functio

Professor David Crystal on new communication technologies

Professor David Crystal, one of the world's leading linguistic experts, challenges the myth that new communication technologies are destroying language

Linguistics: How, Why, How and What with David Crystal

The Age of the Dictionary or the definition of a hopeless task