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Trust the network - it probably knows more than you do

Social media and blogs enable us to easily focus on the latest news and trends on terminology, providing us with regular updates.  This is the most important aspect emerged at the  EAFT Terminology Summit , organised by  TERMCAT , the Catalan Terminology Organisation in Barcelona, last November. The topic for 2014 was:  How does social networking affect terminology work ? In recent years social networks have burst into life, and into terminology work, too. Terminological work and its dissemination are no exception. This is why the international terminology community opened a debate about the impact of social media on all spheres of terminology work, from research all the way through to dissemination. According to Anita Nuopponen 's presentation: Social networks , if properly used, can be effectively used to find terminological resources. Blogs are useful to provide own opinions, reflections and for being an optimal environment for discussing differe

Terminology is the new black

Hi word lovers and happy New Year!  it is never too late to wish you to have all the fun you can and  a wonderful year ahead! After being inactive on this blog for almost two months due to much work - Christmas holidays - job change in progress (wish me luck!) and a hairdresser that messed up my hair (she made me blonde!!), I'm finally back (and black again)! :D  First of all, thanks for making this blog great and for following me on Twitter: I almost reached 2200 followers! Second, new Year's resolutions: I want to catch up with my blog, I have so many draft posts pending, new tools to add to the terminology tools page and maybe a new layout! My last post was about the Terminology Summit in Barcelona : I was just announcing that I was going to attend it and then I just live-tweeted it. Since the conference was so great, it deserves more than tweets. I will provide you as much information as I can about what I learned, both on this blog and on the TermBloggers Loun