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Visualizzazione dei post da settembre, 2014

4 ideas for a fool-proof terminology management system

I went into a very interesting discussion on LinkedIn started by Kara Warburton  which deals with my specific case :  Terminology for writing vs terminology for translation .  I am a web content manager and my background is translation and terminology. I manage terminology for website content and for website user interface (UI). I dont' translate, hence I don't create termbases throught CAT tools. I collect my terms while writing content, carrying out researches on the web or media monitoring. I admit I (still) use Excel. I used some free tools available online but had to give up. The question made me think: What would I need for improving my terminology management for writing? An independent solution! How should it be? Web-based : so that my terms can be available anytime and anywhere;  Shareable : so that other people can check and edit my terms (of course by permission only);  On-the-fly : adding new terms while I'm doing something else, in just one-click. I mean,