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Visualizzazione dei post da novembre, 2016

New resolutions for translators: let's start to tell a different story!

Translating Europe Forum 2016 took place in the wonderful location of the European Commission in Brussels from 27 th to 28 th October. The discussion was centred around the translation tools and technologies , with a particular focus on the point of view of the end users - the translators themselves. Taking into consideration that the vast majority of translators tend to be apprehensive of language technologies and machine translation, the speakers of the conference reassured us by saying that the human factor is still the crucial element of the translation process . As stressed by Jost Zetzsche , interviewed by the Director-General Rytis Martikonis himself: technology is driven by humans . As language professionals, translators need to be the leaders of technological change in the field of translation , simply for the sake of ensuring that they themselves are content with the accessible software. Since translators are quite literally the main source of income for companie