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Visualizzazione dei post da agosto, 2014

On UI terminology

Once I was asked, “ Can you recommend a reliable source for website User Interface (UI) terminology in different languages? I mean, how do you decide which one is better to use among "log in", "login" and "sign in " ? And how can I find the equivalent terms in other languages?"   I suggested to check  Microsoft Language Portal (just pay attention to Microsoft Corporate terms like " charm ") and also TAUS Data , in my opinion the best resource for this domain. Another solution is to just check the most popular websites and to skitch language to see which UI term has been used. I was therefore thinking, what about creating a ready-to-use website UI terminology? " Save, next, search, about us, contact us ” and other UI terms are basically on every website (and apps). Would it be useful and time-saving to just download the website UI terminology in the language you need? What about a multilingual UI termbase? Of course UI

Learning agility

Ability to be agile in letting go of old rules and learning new ones. This neologism really mirrors our times: "learning to unlearn" when everything is changing and at the fastest pace. Leading companies, governmental entities, institutions and non-profits are adopting change management as an organizational competency. Successful people are nowadays those who are ready to unlearn outdated methods and to adopt and adapt to the new ones. I found this neologism on the article:  Is What You (Think You) Know Holding You Back? Adapting To An Accelerated World by  Margie Warrell on Forbes . I tweeted half of it to share with you what I enjoyed the most. If you don't have time to read the long article, just take a look at the tweets below.