12 giugno 2012

TermWiki Glossary Widget

I wanted to upload a glossary on my blog and I was looking for a nice way to create an appealing, social, and re-usable glossary on my website.. Couldn't find anything so fancy!

Glossaries on websites are usually in the form of simple text. The only thing a user can do is just reading them, which is ok but, I wanted more! 

I thus asked the TermWiki team if there was any solution to create a glossary and embed it on my website or blog. They replied that there wasn't any so far but that they were curious to know more what I exactly wanted. So I sent them my idea with a couple of layouts and they told me that they were willing to develop it!
So this my dream glossary: a Glossary Widget where, apart from checking terms and definitions, I can also share my terms on social networks and gather comments and feedback ( on their platform!)

More in details, TermWiki Widget:
  • allows websites to easily embed subject-specific terminology content on their own pages;
  • directly embeds glossaries relevant to your website content right from TermWiki’s vast database of existing terms and professionally developed definitions;
  • lets visitors obtain key information about important terms without having to visit a separate reference site;
  • and last but not least, it raises your website visibility and SEO by including search keywords right on your pages.

4 commenti:

  1. What a great tool - thanks @WordLo! Look forward to seeing how I can integrate it onto one of my sites...

    1. Simply open an account on TermWiki, upload your glossary, go to the widget page, choose you preferred size and color, copy the HTML code and paste it on your blog/website!

  2. nice post, tanti benefici, so many benefits of having a Glossary Widget, Italian translation


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