22 luglio 2010


The acronymic name for a service established in Germany to help people escape radical Muslim groups.

published on: Schott's Vocab

Reporting on the decision of Germany’s intelligence agency to found HATIF, The Local/DPA revealed:
Participants and their family or friends can now find help via email or telephone with the new “HATIF” service, which stands for Heraus Aus Terrorismus und Islamistischem Fanatismus, or “Leaving terrorism and Islamist fanaticism.” …
“The main goal of HATIF is to prevent violence in the name of Islam,“ the intelligence agency the Verfassungsschutz said.
The service, offered in both Turkish and Arabic, will not try to lead people from the religion of Islam, but instead provide safe options for those hoping to extract themselves from extremist circles, the agency said.
Hatif is the Arabic word for telephone.

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